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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment


Have your say on the draft 2018 Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment for Leicestershire.

Every three years, pharmaceutical needs assessments (PNAs) are carried out around the country to ensure that local community pharmacies – “chemist shops” - are meeting the pharmaceutical needs of local people. 

The PNA helps NHS England manage and make decisions about requests from pharmacists or pharmacy businesses to set up new community pharmacies, merge businesses, or move premises within Leicestershire. They also provide insight into other areas where improvements can be made.

Preparing PNAs is the responsibility of Health and Wellbeing Boards. These Boards bring together local authorities, the NHS and other key partners to improve the health and wellbeing of their local areas.

The Leicestershire Health and Wellbeing Board has now created a draft PNA for Leicestershire and we would like your comments on it.

To have your say, please read the consultation document below before completing the questionnaire:

Leicestershire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

PNA Consultation Summary

To complete the questionnaire, click here.


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