Improving patients experience of Ophthalmology

(Last Updated On: 09.05.2023)

In April 2015 we published a report ‘A week in Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI): A Patient Perspective’.

Since then we have been successful in progressing the recommendations we made to the Ophthalmology Department.

The Ophthalmology department at LRI is one of the busiest services at Leicester Hospitals. During our visit, patients told us that better signage was something they wanted along with understanding the reason for consistent lengthy waiting times.

Leicester Hospitals created an Ophthalmology Action Plan in direct response to our recommendations and they’ve already completed a number of actions.

TVs and water machines have now been installed in the waiting rooms, signage has improved and patient feedback is being integrated into the plans for the booking centre.

NB. The Ophthalmology Department treats disorders and diseases of the eye.