Detoxify Mega Clean: Top Detox Drink 2022 Review

If you have stumbled upon this article, it means you were looking for Detoxify Mega Clean reviews. Marijuana is getting legalized in some states. However, even today we require products to pass a drug test. This is highly important to safeguard your employment. There are several products on the market that help to pass these drug tests.

Among the detox products, customers rely on Detoxify Mega Clean to pass drug test. This stellar product works wonders, becoming your go-to detox drink.

So, What Is This Detoxify Mega Clean?

Detoxify is a recognized brand that is known for its drug testing solutions. The company has been around for over 2 decades now. A noteworthy product is the Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse which eliminates toxins. In addition, the formulation supports the natural cleansing process. Moreover, it restores your body with essential nutrients.

Who Should Use It?

Detoxify Mega Clean is especially for regular cannabis users. At the same time, it is ideal for non-regular users too. The beverage is an easy-to-consume formulation with amazing results.


Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

  • Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours
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You can find many detox drinks that cater to a specific body mass index (BMI). But Mega Detox is perfect for one and all. So, people with different levels of marijuana concentrations can trust this product. Mega Clean Detox Drink is thus safe for all types of drug users.

Take note: pregnant and breastfeeding women should not consume Mega Clean Detox Drink. Furthermore, people with other health conditions should first consult with their doctor before consuming this product.

Why Do You Need This?

Modern drug testing techniques aren’t easy to get away with. This is why you need the right products to help you pass the drug test. There are many drug tests like urine, hair follicles, and saliva tests that check the level of concentration.

One of the easiest ways to test for drugs is urine drug tests. The screening program evaluates and analyzes various aspects to test for mental fitness. Several other products eliminate toxins from your body. However, Detoxify Mega Clean dilutes the drugs and masks the toxins. Thus, they become hard to detect. The product is equally beneficial for both light to heavy drug users.

Now, you may have some questions: How is Detoxify Mega Clean better than other similar products on the market? How does this detox product help to pass the drug test? To find out, keep reading the article.

Why Should You Use It?

A good number of users try this product to get rid of drug residue from their system. They want to mask their medical information to save their jobs. Even though smoking pot is legal in some states, employers still disregard candidates who fail the drug test. In other cases, they can even fine or penalize existing employees. Though it is legal in California, still employees have been fired if they fail the test.

Mega Clean is a smart product that works by diluting the toxins. This way you can easily beat a urine drug test. Many users use the product to dilute their alcohol consumption. But alcohol leaves your body one half to one drink per hour.

So, if you don’t consume any alcohol on the day of the test, you will pass. Besides, some employers perform tests for nicotine consumption as well. This way, they don’t hire those who smoke or vape to cut down their costs.

Also, some people who consume several drugs try to pass drug tests for probation. It’s best to check local laws since this can be illegal.

Detoxify Mega Clean Ingredients

The detoxing beverage not only performs a deep cleansing of your system but also replenishes the lost nutrients. The powerful ingredients in the detox formula ensure the removal of toxins. This way everything remains normal during a urine drug test.

  1. General Ingredient list:

  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamin
  • Folate
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Manganese

These are ingredients of the powerful detoxifying product. This balance out the various levels in the body and leaves the lab testers clueless about dilution. Drinking the bottle will automatically eliminate the toxins in your body. Your system will flush them into the urinary tract and eventually get rid of them.

  1. Creatinine Monohydrate

  2. Herbs for Detoxification:

  • Fruit fiber
  • Mullein Leaf
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Devil’s Claw beneficial for kidney problems
  • American Ginseng Root Extract
  1. Diuretics:

  • Uva Ursi
  • Burdock Root
  • Dandelion
  • Taurine

Does Detoxify Mega Clean Really Work?

Considering the above-mentioned ingredients, we can conclude that Detoxify Mega Clean works. It is an effective product that cleanses and also maintains accurate levels in the body. This leaves out any chance of risk. The most important ingredient here is a diuretic which detoxifies the system. It also increases the frequency of urination, which decreases the level of toxins in the body.

How to Use Detoxify Mega Clean

As a rule of thumb, start by reading Detoxify Mega Clean instructions thoroughly. In this segment, we are going to point out how to use the detox drink in simple terms for better understanding. Make sure you are following the steps completely without any failure.

  • Drink the entire bottle before 2-3 hours of the drug test.
  • Once done, wait for around 15 minutes. Now, refill the bottle with some water and drink that too.
  • In the next one hour, ensure to urinate as much as possible. This will clear the toxins from the body.
  • Now, you are all set to submit the sample for the drug testing.

You can follow up on these steps for improved results. Avoid any sort of drug consumption at least 20-40 hours before the drug test. Remember, excessive urination can cause nausea and other types of discomfort. Keep that in mind and stay well hydrated.

Who Cannot Use the Detox Drink?

People under the age of 18 are prohibited from using the product. As I have mentioned, the product is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Those who are under medication should take the doctor’s advice before using the drink.

Check the local laws before buying the drink since this type of beverage is illegal in some states. You don’t want to get in trouble just for using it, do you?

What Are the Other Options Beside Detoxify Mega Clean?

Try these additional products in combination with Detoxify Mega Clean for improved results.

For Urine Test

To pass the urine drug test, get your hands on the Toxin Rid One Day Detox program. It involves a three-step detoxifying process that helps to eliminate toxins. Interestingly, it works well for heavy drug users as well. You can use both One Day Toxin Rid and Detoxify Mega Clean for passing the urine drug test.

For Saliva Test

Want a product that works in less than fifteen minutes? Then get yourself the Ultra Wash Toxin Cleansing Mouthwash. The pocket pack is worth every penny. All you need to do is gurgle or swish half the content in five minutes and the rest in the next few minutes. Make sure you don’t gulp it down. You can use this product for nicotine alcohol and other drug consumption too.


Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

  • Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours
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Detoxify Mega Clean Pros and Cons


  1. Combination of powerful natural herbs
  2. Comprises diuretic herbs to remove toxins
  3. Replenishing qualities to restore vital nutrients
  4. Adds color to the urine without looking fake
  5. Highly recommended by users online
  6. Quick results that last up to 5 hours


  1. The price is quite high
  2. If the product doesn’t have proper working time, you can fail the test
  3. In case of excessive urination, can lead to nausea and diarrhea

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work for Alcohol Detox?

Yes, Detoxify Mega Clean does work perfectly well for alcohol. But alcohol residue is easily eliminated from the system while passing urine. So, make sure you don’t drink a day before your drug test.

Does It Work as A Weed Detox?

Weed is known to be a hard-to-dilute drug. But, as per the test, Detoxify Mega Clean works magically well on weed as well.

Does It Work For Opiates?

Yes. The product does work for Opiates and helps to remove the residue efficiently.

Can I Keep It in The Fridge?

Herbal Clean is not designed to be used daily. Also, they should be kept at room temperature. You don’t need to refrigerate the bottle.

How Long Does the Effectiveness of The Formula Last?

This amazing product is designed to detoxify your body of toxins. The ideal way to use the product is to use it 3-4 hours before the drug test. The effects of the drink easily for about 2-5 hours. During this time, you can go ahead and give your clean sample for testing.

Is Mega Clean Detectable in The Lab Tests?

Since the ingredients in the product are natural, they cannot be detected during drug tests. So, you need not worry about detection.

Stores That Sell Detox Drinks Near Me

You can visit the official website of Detoxify and order it online. Here is the link that you can visit: Additionally, you can easily find them at stores or gas stations.

Where To Buy Detoxify Mega Clean

You can buy it from the official website of Detoxify. Walmart and Amazon have this detox product too. Even though I don’t suggest you buy from there. To avoid scams, it is best to make your purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer: Detoxify, LLC
Address: 3302 N 27TH Ave Ste 3306D Phoenix, AZ, 85017-5012 United States
Founded In: 1999
Phone Number: 1.800.DETOX-4U
Contact Form:
Mail: [email protected]
Working Hours: Monday to Friday 10 am – 4 pm Arizona Time



One bottle of Mega Clean Detox Drink costs $69.95. So, it is slightly expensive. However, it is way more affordable than losing your job or employment. The price doesn’t matter when it comes to safeguarding your privacy. But there is good news. There are many discounts available if you purchase the bottles in bulk. To land a good deal, make sure you always place a bulk order.

If your organization requires you to perform urinalysis regularly, you might want to stock up on these. Order in bulk as that will save some last-minute shipping charges. The more bottles you buy, the higher the discount. Though it is a huge investment, it will be beneficial in the long run.


Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

The customer passed the test and says that the instructions are easy to follow. He says it is easy to use and works like magic. In the comment, he describes how he used the detox drink. The customer took the pill too that comes along with it as a special offer. He was very impressed with the results.

The customer had a bitter experience with detox drinks as he didn’t pass a drug test before using Mega Clean Detox. Now, we can see that he passed thanks to it. Though it causes frequent urination, it cleanses your system thoroughly. So, all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Negative Reviews

Didn’t work as promised for Miss Osburn. She admitted that she smoked heavily which might have led to positive results.

The amazon customer doesn’t know where he went wrong but didn’t help him pass the drug test. It was wise of him to quit smoking a week before starting with Mega Clean. According to the customer, the drink tastes bad but he drank it anyway. Unfortunately, it still left him disappointed.


The Reddit user says that he stayed clean for 6 days and changed to a clean diet. Drank enough water and finally used this amazing product. Passed the drug test with flying colors.

Bottom Line

Looking at the reviews and performance of Detoxify Mega Clean, we give the product a 4.7/5. With accurate instructions and clear guidelines, Detoxify Mega Clean drink lives up to its expectations. The product comprises natural ingredients that are safe to use. As soon as you drink it, you will witness the effects right away.

It is ideal for light to heavy drug users. It cleanses your body while removing toxins and restores lost minerals. The product will improve your chances of getting a negative result on the drug test.