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HealthWatchWe exist to assist the people of Leicestershire and the entire world by listening to their opinions and experiences using local health and social care services. In order to improve services for the community and in the sign of hope and perseverance, we use what we hear to challenge and persuade those who design, manage, and regulate those healthcare services.

Our main goal is to convey the thoughts of the community to the local health and social care committees and boards. They include representatives from HealthWatch, and our delegates serve as a voice of the society.

We are aware of cases where patients were released from the hospital but did not promptly get treatment at home, despite the fact that this care was supposed to have been planned and put in place. Due to inefficient procedures and a lack of coordinated services, this has resulted in instances where individuals or their families had to be readmitted. Additionally, some of the patients reported feeling abandoned and needing support.

People want to be cared for rather than just treated – that is so obvious for everyone! Patients say that having empathy for their needs would make it easier for them to handle physical therapy. Moreover, it’s a common situation, when doctors prescribe drugs and medication not being available in hospital when needed, and they often are extremely difficult to obtain.

Some of cases in our practice deal with cancer and mental diseases. When a person has cancer or any kind of mental disorder, MDs often appoint drugs. They really help in situations when nothing else can make the suffering less severe or relieve the symptoms.  According to regulations in several states, using marijuana to treat some medical problems is acceptable. Moreover, FDA-approved medications include dronabinol, a pharmaceutical version of THC, and nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid.

But at the same time drugs can be dangerous, especially in the case of overdose or addiction. A person may use drugs more frequently than intended or at an unanticipated time or place. It may cause terrible and unpredictable effects, lead to loss of control and various medical side effects. Drugs can weaken the immune system, give a rise to heart and lung diseases, cause nausea and brain damage. Large doses of drugs can even provide global effects on the human body. So you should follow your prescription carefully and avoid misusing even the medical cannabis (which is also called CBD).

Many of the HealthWatch patients wonder – how long does weed stay in your system? Since it is a natural process, there isn’t a single technique to quickly remove THC from your body. It takes time to get rid of the toxins. However, taking some precautions, such as staying hydrated, exercising, and refraining from using drugs, can speed up the process.

But if nothing else works and you want to completely destroy those toxins that pollute your organism – you always can try a solution like Detoxify Mega Clean. It is an herbal and effective detox drink that purges all that stuff away.

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