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Have you ever heard or seen anyone recommend Certo for drug test before, and you are wondering why? Perhaps you are looking for a sure detox method to pass a drug test. Then, this guide is best for you as it will give you a helpful overview and all there is to know about Certo Sure Jell. Guess what? It is the best Certo Sure Jell review of 2022!

Like you, people who enjoy weed and marijuana need Certo Sure Jell to pass a drug test for various reasons. For example, who would be willing to fail a pre-employment drug test? Not you. Nobody.

People may want to make a case that drug testing at work is now a thing of the past. However, Forbes reports that 1.47% of job postings in the U.S. still mention that they require pre-employment drug tests. Consequently, passing drug tests remain a primary reason why people turn to the Certo Sure Jell detox method rather than other weird methods that are outrageous and non-reliable.

Furthermore, there are anecdotal online reviews and evidence that Certo helps people to beat drug tests if used correctly. Therefore, Certo Sure Jell is best to buy now if you are tired of making unsuccessful trials with other products for drug test detox. So, if you want to pass THC drug testing with little time for preparation, then Certo Sure Jell is genuinely an option to consider.

You must know that passing a drug test, especially urine, saliva and blood tests, goes beyond setting out to buy any detox drink. It is equally important to choose and buy the right product. Therefore, ensure that you are not carried away by the fancy branding of products, as it will save you money and time. After all, you cannot afford to waste more money and time at this point, or can you? Thus, your focus should only be on the Certo method of detoxing.


Overall description

Can I use Certo detox to pass a drug test?

Before we discuss whether Certo Sure Jell can help you detox your body to pass a drug test or not, let us take a look at what fruit pectin is. Perhaps you are asking: why talk about fruit pectin? Then, fruit pectin is the principal constituent of Certo Sure Jell that flushes out toxins from the body and aids in passing drug tests. Fruit pectin does the magic!

Fruit pectin, a compound made from fruits, is a food-thickening agent used in jellies and jams. Despite being a fibre, it is soluble in water and, thus, able to absorb THC metabolites and flush them out of the body via defecation. Furthermore, fruit pectin combines well with water to dilute your pee and with vitamins and multivitamins to mask the urine dilution. So, you need not worry about passing any drug test.

In addition, fruit pectin is usually extracted from apples and citrus. Therefore, whoever is allergic to these fruits must contact a doctor for guidance before taking fruit pectin. This point is worth noting: taking too much fruit pectin can cause bloating. Perhaps you are asking what bloating is. Can you picture a scenario where your stomach feels full and tight because of gas? That is what bloating means. Thus, as much as you want to detox to pass a drug test, ensure that you do not drink too much of Certo Sure Jell in a short time.

“Does Certo really work?” “Is Certo Sure Jell fruit pectin the best for passing drug tests?” Now let us answer these questions which might be on your mind now. Yes, Certo really works, and Certo drug is the best for passing drug tests. Do you know that your body stores THC metabolites in your fat cells after taking THC? Yes, that is the way it works.

However, after storing metabolites in fat cells, your body burns the fat, and the stored metabolites are released into the bloodstream. This is where Certo Sure Jell comes in! It helps you to delay the process of removing the stored metabolites into the bloodstream. Thus, absorbing these metabolites and helping you flush them out via pooing or peeing.

How to use Certo Sure Jell

Funnily, people tend to overthink and overdo things when they are under pressure to detox for passing drug tests. Interestingly, the Certo Sure Jell method for detoxing is relatively easy to follow. So, you need not overthink or overdo it. However, you will find so much information online, primarily people’s opinions, and these opinions can be misleading. Fortunately, you now have access to all you need to know about the best method of using Certo Sure Jell for detoxing. If you are hesitating, you can search for Certo Sure Jell review 2022 on your own.

Before we discuss using Certo Sure Jell for detoxing, let us quickly touch on what you will need for a hitch-free Certo method. You will need the following:

  • Two packets of Certo Sure Jell
  • Two 32oz or 1litre Gatorade sports drinks
  • One teaspoon of creatine monohydrate
  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamins B2 and B12

Certo drug test hack

If you can get the above things, you are closer to achieving your goal. So, what’s next? The Certo drug test hack! This hack you are about to learn consists of two method instructions depending on your time before your drug test session. How exactly you should use the two Certo methods for detoxing is discussed below.

Method 1

This method is best for you if you have enough time before your drug test. Kindly ensure you follow the steps listed below and urinate as frequently as possible to aid in fast detoxing your body.

  1. Avoid taking pot or other hard drugs once your drug test date is fixed. This is essential to prevent adding more drug toxins into your body system.
  2. Keep taking plenty of water to encourage flushing out toxins from your body through urine.
  3. Twenty-four hours before your drug test, prepare the Certo detox by mixing the first packet of Certo Sure Jell with a Gatorade sports drink. After mixing, ensure you shake the resulting mixture properly and drink comfortably for over 15 minutes.
  4. Drink another 32oz or 1litre of water about 5 hours before the test.
  5. Two hours before your drug test, prepare a second Certo detox by mixing the second packet of Certo Sure Jell with another Gatorade sports drink. After mixing, ensure you shake the resulting mixture properly and drink comfortably for over 15 minutes.
  6. Lastly, drink another 32oz or 1litre of water 2 hours before the test. Ensure that creatine monohydrate, multivitamins, and vitamins B2 and B12 are added to the water. These additions will aid in replenishing the vitamins lost in your body because of frequent urination.

Method 2

This second method is a shorter version of the first method that you can complete in 3-4 hours before your drug test. However, you must know that the first method offers a bigger chance of success than the second. Nevertheless, this method is equally effective and can help you pass a drug test, provided your body toxin level is low. The steps for this method are listed below.

  • Two to three hours before your drug test, prepare the Certo detox by mixing a packet of Certo Sure Jell with a Gatorade sports drink. After mixing, ensure you shake the resulting mixture properly and drink comfortably for over 15 minutes.
  • Drink another 32oz or 1litre of water an hour before the test. After taking the water, take multivitamins and vitamins (B2 and B12) to replenish the vitamins lost in your body because of frequent urination.

Does Certo work for drug test?

Perhaps you are still unclear on the credibility and effectiveness of the Certo methods discussed above; then, your doubt is about to be cleared. The truth is that you should be free from pot and other hard drug toxins by following the methods and steps discussed earlier. However, these Certo methods can likely help you pass drug tests within a 3 to 5-hour timeframe. Isn’t that enough to complete your drug test? It is enough.

Sure jell pectin vs Certo

Another important thing you need to know is the difference between Sure Jell pectin and Certo. So, what’s the difference? The significant difference is that one is liquid pectin while the other is dry pectin. So, Certo is liquid pectin, while Sure Jell pectin is dry pectin in a powdered form.

So, what does this difference imply? It implies that you can immediately add Certo fruit pectin to your Certo detox mix. However, you will have to boil Sure Jell pectin in water for it to dissolve fully. Nevertheless, whichever type of pectin you use works the same way. However, using Certo liquid pectin for your detox mix will save you time and stress.

Is Certo Sure Jell legal?

It can be tricky trying to buy an illegal product. However, Certo Sure Jell is not an illegal product. Certo Sure Jell is produced by the Kraft Heinz Company — a globally trusted producer of delicious foods. Thus, Certo Sure Jell is produced majorly for homemakers. Why homemakers? Homemakers use the properties of fruit pectin in Certo Sure Jell to make jams which can keep stored much longer than fresh fruit.

Furthermore, the points highlighted above are enough proof to support the argument that Certo Sure Jell is not illegal. At least not unlawful in any U.S. state, you can purchase Certo Sure Jell at Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Walgreens and other notable stores. However, you are not entirely safe because trying to defraud a government’s or an organization’s drug test may be illegal.


We discussed earlier the items you need to make a Certo detox drink. To recap, you need fruit pectin, sports drinks, multivitamins, vitamins and creatinine monohydrate. So, why are these items essential? We will discuss the importance of these items below, except fruit pectin, which has been discussed in the previous section.

  1. Gatorade sports drink: Perhaps you don’t know what makes a urine test credible when you use a Certo detox method; then, it is the Gatorade sports drink. Gatorade contains electrolytes that do the magic, as it replaces the electrolytes lost in the urine by frequent urination. Thus, it prevents lab technicians from detecting urine tampering.
  2. Creatine monohydrate: Creatine monohydrate is a mineral in urine lost during detoxing. However, adding the mineral to your Certo detox mix replenishes the minerals flushed out of the body.
  3. Multivitamins: Similar to creatine monohydrates, multivitamins help to replenish other lost minerals in the body. Thus, it balances the mineral level in the urine.
  4. Vitamins: As you already know, the two main vitamins needed are vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and B12. Riboflavin is essential because it assists the liver in the detoxification process. In addition, riboflavin eliminates all the harmful natural and synthetic chemicals that have found their way into the body, including drug metabolites.

The bright yellow colour that vitamin B12 adds to urine distinguishes it from other vitamins. Therefore, it helps to restore the colour of urine that has been lost during detoxing. However, taking too much vitamin B12 can give the urine an abnormal colour. Thus, alerting lab technicians to potential urine tampering.

Now, we will discuss the ingredients that makeup Certo Sure Jell. These ingredients are listed below.

  • Water
  • Fruit pectin
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium benzoate

Do you know the big plus of these ingredients? They are all harmless. However, Certo Sure Jell cannot be wholly regarded as natural. Nevertheless, we can still say it is naturally derived because Certo is extracted from apples or citrus fruits, which are rich sources of pectin.

In addition, citric acid and potassium citrate are added to Certo to help manage acidity levels, sodium benzoate acts as a preservative of the fruit pectin, and lactic acid extends shelf life and enhances the flavor. So, can Certo gel be used as a detox? Yes, because it is naturally derived, harmless and effective.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

When you hear someone mention Kraft Heinz Company, the first thing that comes to mind is food and beverages! Kraft Heinz Company, a resulting company from the merger of food companies Heinz and Kraft in 2015, is a globally trusted producer of food and the fifth-largest food and beverage company.

Kraft Heinz Company is licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other food and beverage regulatory bodies in the U.S and Canada, and all its products are certificated. The company specializes in making sauces, snacks, meals, ketchup, baby foods, and jams.

The American company is headquartered at 200 E. Randolph St., Suite 7600, Chicago, Illinois 60601, United States. Furthermore, we can call them at 1-855-634-1984, and their work hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


A Google search for “Certo Walmart drug test” takes you to a page that leads you to online stores that can sell Certo Sure Jell to you. For example, two packs of 6oz Certo Sure Jell sell for $27.23 on Walmart. However, you can buy at a discounted price for as low as $17.99 to $14.29.

Furthermore, Walmart offers free shipping to specific locations within the U.S. but requires an additional fee for shipping to places outside the selected areas. Also, there is a money-back guarantee within 90days of delivery. Likewise, four packs of 6oz Certo Sure Jell sell between $34.50 to $26.90 on Amazon. However, Amazon often does not ship products beyond the U.S.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Certo Sure Jell compared with other similar products are highlighted below.

Pros Cons
It is affordable and easy to purchase as it is available in many grocery and retail stores. Taking too much of the Certo Sure Jell detox drink may lead to bloating and diarrhea, and brain hemorrhage in extreme cases.
It is not harmful to the body. It is effective for a short time, say 3 – 5 hours.
It is an effective body cleanser for natural and synthetic harmful chemicals. It cannot detox alone. Thus it needs to be combined with other items for maximum effectiveness.
It is effective for THC and similar drugs detox.
It is easy to use.
It is a source of extra fibre in your diet.


Frequently asked questions

  • Does Certo Sure Jell work? 

The fruit pectin in Certo Sure Jell helps to detoxify the body. Thus, being able to help you produce negative lab tests by increasing the amount of urine and diluting the metabolites of drugs in the body. However, Certo Sure Jell has not been scientifically proven to help pass a drug test. Nevertheless, many people believe it works, and there are online reviews to back up this argument.

  • Is Certo Sure Jell lawful? 

Certo Sure Jell is majorly produced for homemakers, and the product is not unlawful in any U.S. state. However, a consumer is not entirely safe because trying to defraud a government’s or an organization’s drug test may be illegal.

  • Where can I buy Certo Sure Jell?

You can purchase packs of Certo Sure Jell from local retail and online stores like Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens and eBay.

  • How much does Certo Sure Jell cost?

It costs between $14.29 to $34.50 depending on the number of packs (packs of 2 or 4) and where you buy it.

  • Can you detect if someone has used Certo Sure Jell before?

It can be tough to detect if you have used Certo Sure Jell before for detoxing because it is flushed out entirely from your system. Similarly, it does not change the color of the urine if you follow the usage instructions correctly, thus, erasing every chance for lab technicians to detect a manipulation.

  • What are some tips to make sure Certo Sure Jell works?

We advise you to do some DIY home tests before you go for the actual drug test. Therefore, get all the ingredients needed to prepare a Certo detox drink and take-home test kits. Ensure you practice your timing until you can reliably make sure you test negative. Then you can proceed to take the actual drug test.

Customers review

Below is the best customer review of the Certo detox method and Certo Sure Jell product.

Positive review

The user here talks about the fact that the producers of Certo Sure Jell are significant players in the food and beverages industry and did a great job producing Certo. In addition, Lana testified to the quality of the product.


Shelby shared that she used the detoxing product, which worked well for her. She also emphasized the importance of taking vitamin B12 to restore urine color.


Judie’s feedback agreed with Shelby’s. However, the user does not like the taste of Certo Sure Jell with water. Furthermore, she talked about the effectiveness of the Certo detox drink just two hours before a drug test and stressed the need for vitamin B12.

Negative review

The Certo detox drink didn’t work for this user. However, she shared that it worked for her friends. This bolsters the fact that you cannot entirely rely on the Certo detox method to pass a drug test.


This guide has given an overview of the method of Certo detox and Certo Sure Jell products by Kraft Heinz Company. The Certo detox method is effective and safe for removing drug metabolites from the body. It involves using fruit pectin and other substances to pass a drug test.

Certo Sure Jell provides the pectin used for the Certo method, and it is the best brand of fruit pectin you can use. Certo sure Jell is affordable, accessible, harmless, easy to use, and sure to get the job done. However, taking too much of the Certo Sure Jell detox drink may lead to bloating and diarrhea, and brain hemorrhage in extreme cases. Nevertheless, you must play safe by following the usage instructions carefully to have hitch-free drug testing.

There are two methods of use, depending on the time available to you before a drug test. Method 1 is highly recommended since it offers a bigger chance of success than the second. Nevertheless, both ways are equally effective and can help you pass a drug test. Furthermore, it is worth noting that using Certo Sure Jell or the Certo method of detoxing for passing drug tests presents the issue of attempting to cheat on a drug test. So, you have to prepare your mind.

Are you interested in buying a product containing fruit pectin to prepare for your drug test? Perhaps you have been using several products but are unsure of their effectiveness. Then, order now for a Certo Sure Jell to detoxify quickly and beat that drug tests. So what are you waiting for?